Risk Management
October 23, 2019 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Urban Edge
1542 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02119


Risk management is the iterative process of identifying, analyzing and responding to risks that may impact projects. Active risk management throughout projects is critical, as it prevents risks from becoming issues. It allows project leaders to proactively address risks, and thereby minimize negative impacts, prevent “fire-fighting” stress, and emphasize opportunities. Risk management may sound hard, but project leaders can get the benefits without doing complex models. This session will show participants how to use some simple, but effective processes and tools to manage the impact of risks throughout their projects.

Who Should Attend
This training is appropriate for all staff who are responsible for implementing projects or participate on project teams. It is introductory level training and participants do not have to have risk or project management knowledge/experience. This session will introduce the best practices of risk management and describe simple and practical steps to use these practices to achieve project outcomes.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
• Learn risk management fundamentals and vocabulary
• Become knowledgeable about risk management best practices and how to effectively leverage them
• Learn how to integrate risk management with project management
• Understand how continuously engage key stakeholders to identify and manage project risks
• Learn how to use some simple tools to continuously identify, evaluate, prioritize and monitor risks


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