Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices
January 19, 2021 01:00 PM - 12:00 PM

ONLINE via Zoom


Technical assistance (TA) requires the development of trusting relationships between small business owners and the technical assistance or business counselor providing the individualized or group TA services. These relationships are positively or negatively affected by interpersonal factors that either enhance or interfere with a strong working TA relationship. Interpersonal relationships can be complicated by factors including conflicting perceptions, misunderstandings, cultural barriers, poor communication, and implicit behaviors that unintentionally create mistrust. These barriers can hinder the development of a strong connection between TA providers and the entrepreneurs they serve.

Through this training TA providers will be able to

  • Build foundational skills and a shared vocabulary on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Identify strategies to minimize barriers
  • Understand level of racism and other “ISMs”
  • Learn intercultural communication and problem-solving strategies to enhance communication
  • Apply their newfound skills to build stronger relationships with their clients

Through group activities, coming together with shared vocabulary, and various exercises, this training will also increase the capabilities of business service providers on addressing biases when serving culturally diverse business communities.


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